Welcome to RedRisks Europe

Within Europe, RedRisks StreamTeam host the following Live Events

Question Time (UK) – Hosted by Sonni Gopal

Wednesdays (Biweekly) at 3pm UK time

“Question Time” will ask all the questions that I have super keen to ask on all sorts of topics from Mental Health and Well being to Personal Growth and much more.

I am going to have some amazing guests on the show and for 30 minutes we are going to be in freestyle mode.

Of course, I am sure there will be the odd curve ball question from either me or our audience via Live Chat.

So, join me and my guests as we dig deep into some hot topics.

Journey with Care (Poland) – Hosted by Jennet Arshimova

Thursdays (Weekly) at 6pm Poland Time.

Podróż z Troską Dołącz do kanału RedRisks Stream Team Polska! Będziemy spotykać się z ciekawymi ludźmi z całego świata, gdzie w trakcie spotkań na żywo będziesz mieć okazję zadawać pytania.

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