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Getting Things Done with David Allen

Easy and well-done interview by Sonni.

Good questions, intelligent dialog, and very professional format.

I’d highly recommend anyone to engage with him if they have the opportunity.

David’s Show

23 Feb, 2021

David Allen

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Lean L3: The Barry-Wehmiller Method

Thank you for having me on the show.

I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere that you and the team created.

The questions were well prepared and thoughtful in their content.

Everything leading up to the actual show was handled very professionally and I would recommend your show to everyone.

Thank you

Randall’s Show

18 Feb, 2021

Randall Fleming

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Introduction to Scrum

Thank you very much for having me on your show the other night.

You made me feel welcome, and I enjoyed the hour with you and your audience immensely.

I’m quite impressed with your professional setup and the concurrent live-streaming on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Preparation for the show was perfect. I have a hard time imagining a better host than you.

Like apparently everybody else on your long list of previous speakers, I also and definitely recommend being a guest on your show.

Klaus’ Show

16 Feb, 2021

Klaus Bucka-Lassen

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Human: Hero or Hazard?

Sonni, Jennet…thank you very much for having me on your show.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and the show was expertly run by yourself and Jennet.

In the weeks leading up to the show it was great to have contact with Jennet to discuss how we hoped the show may flow and the kinds of messages Jennet would like to get across to your audience.

You cover some amazing and inspiring topics.

I would highly recommend being a guest on your show and hope one day to return. Thanks again, Phil

Phil’s Show

11 Feb, 2021

Phil Smith

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Decoding Ikigai with Rathi

My experience of sharing my understanding of IKIGAI with an international audience has been awesome.

I am delighted with the professional execution of the Live Show by Sonni and the StreamTeam. Thank you to the co hosts Jennet, Jorge and Arun for making the show truly memorable.

It is true that a topic like Decoding IKIGAI using a reliable tool has been very new to the professionals out there and a powerful opportunity has been bestowed to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

I would be more than happy to be part of the Show in future as well.

With Lots of Gratitude and Love, Rathi

Rathi’s Show

04 Feb, 2021

Rathiswamy A

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In Conversation with Clive Johnson – IIRSM President

I wasn’t aware of Sonni’s shows until he reached out to me in late 2020 and how pleased I am he did.

I was delighted to be asked as a guest on his RedRisks Live show, I didn’t really know what to expect but my first impression was how professional it was. Sonni really put me at ease, he had certainly done his pre-interview prep.

I really enjoyed how he managed the interaction between the chat coming in and teasing it into his questions.

I personally got value out of the session, chatting with likeminded people, which also gave me the opportunity to extend my network and a platform to build relationships.

I have now signed up for his weekly updates and plan to contribute to future shows, wherever I can.

Keep up the great work Sonni.

Clive’s Show

02 Feb, 2021

Clive Johnson

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Resilient Safety Culture

Thanks for inviting me on your show Sonni and the team.

Redrisks is a boon to the H&S industry where the content and the discussions help enrich your knowledge.

Sonni and other panellists are making this show a great success.

I really enjoyed being the speaker on the show. It helped me a lot in terms of the response the content generated to get the feedback on my topic.

Sonni and the stream team made me feel welcomed, comfortable, and open to put my views across their show audiences.

Keep up the good work.

Arun’s Show

28 Jan, 2021

Arun Garg

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Human Capital 

It is always a pleasure and delight to talk through important and emerging topics with the stream team who are RedRisks.

Thank you to Jennet and the rest of the crew for a thoughtful guided conversation today to help fellow professionals understand the concept of Human Capital and what it means for them.

Louise’s Show

21 Jan, 2021

Louise Hosking

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Corporate Culture and Peak Human Performance

I so enjoyed being on this show.

Sonni has exceptional skills as a host and he keeps the program fast paced, engaging and informative.

I love the format with the ribbon at the bottom of the screen where you posted chat questions and comments live during the session.

I marvelled at how Sonni did that and thus engaged the audience and me the speaker.

Larry’s Show 

19 Jan, 2021

Dr Larry Senn

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Resilience – A Personal Perspective

I was invited to join ‘RedRisks Live’ to discuss my personal experience and ‘take’ with regards to “Resilience“.

I was excited to be able to engage with many like-minded individuals through such a excellent and established platform of communication.

There are many such social media platforms in the market today, however Sonni makes the ‘Live’ session very personal, professional and yet casual.

The broad topics discussed and ‘real life real people’ aspect enables RedRisks to stand out as a leading platform for such engagement and topical discussions.

Thank you Sonni for the invite and I look forward to the next time, keep up the great work.

Darren’s Show 

14 Jan, 2021

Darren Brunton

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Performance Psychology for Safety

I first became aware of Sonni’s shows during the Summer months of 2020. Largely due to the fact that it attracted some of the most interesting guests in our field but also as the shows were so easily accessible.

I was absolutely delighted to be invited as a guest on the show a few months later. It’s here where I noticed a few things that set Sonni’s show apart from the rest.

He is thorough in his preparation for each show, he takes the time to get to know each guest several weeks before they appear.  He also takes the time to properly research each guest’s specialist area which ensures a lively and informative conversation for all.

Sonni is a true Master of his craft, excellence like this doesn’t happen by chance.  Perhaps the best of all I can say about Sonni is that his warmth and compassion shines through on every show.

Talking to him is like speaking with a great friend in a cosy bar.

Get on his show if you can everyone.

Darren’s Show

12 Jan, 2021

Darren Sutton

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In Conversation with James Quinn – IOSH President

Having been given an opportunity to attend one of Sonni’s fantastic well prepared and engaging show, I can only say wow!

Put at ease, well prepared, and assured at every moment you will be looked after and treated with respect.

Inclusive, collaborative and professional throughout, I felt challenged at times and wanted to be, I also wanted to be part of a show that is seen as a force for good.  Sonni and his “crew” of amazing colleagues does and gives this, they go above and beyond.

Jimmy’s Show

8 Dec, 2020

Jimmy Quinn

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Investigative Interviewing

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sonni Gopal on a “Red Risks Live Event”, the first time I’d taken part in such an International event.

The discussion was about one of my special interests – investigative interviewing – and the response from delegates from as far apart as Mexico City, Warsaw, Riyadh and Kiev was both lively and stimulating.

For his part, Sonni was extremely professional both in his briefing before we went “live” and in his hosting of the overall event.

I can’t wait to be invited back again!

Andy’s Show

03 Dec, 2020

Andy Farrall

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Cynefin: Introduction, Essentials and Application

Appeared on 3 separate shows as special guest discussing Cynefin.

The shows were structured with an Introduction followed by Essentials and then exploring Application.

I found the shows to be engaging with a combination of live chat and interaction with a group of like minded individuals who were on air discussing some of the key factors and parameters associated with Cynefin.

Thanks Sonni and the StreamTeam for the invite and keep up the good work.

Dave’s Shows: Introduction, Essentials & Application

24 Nov, 2020

Dave Snowden

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Safety – Today & Beyond

Being a guest on Sonni’s shows is a fantastic experience for a number of reasons.

First is just the pure joy of interacting with Sonni himself. He puts you at ease by creating a warm, light-hearted welcome and easing the show into the topic. Sonni is nobody’s fool, his questions cut to the quick of the matter under discussion. I liken him to the Michael Parkinson of Podcast land as he creates a humorous conversational dialogue.

Second, is that you have to know your topic and feel comfortable sharing it. Sonni will have done some research himself, so that he knows when and where to apply his probing questions to steer the conversation to maximise the benefit for the audience.

Third, the interactions with the live audience really keep you on your toes as the quality of questions and audience is very high, and you can be assured of a ‘curve ball’.

Lastly, I have been lucky enough to have had a few guest appearances on Sonni’s show, and it has been very beneficial to my thinking on any given topic, as I have had to formulate my thoughts into coherent themes that can be easily understood by all.

All in all, if you have something to say and really know your stuff, I would highly recommend interacting with Sonni on RedRisks Live.

Dom’s Show

04 Nov, 2020

Dr Dominic Cooper

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Hierarchy of Controls

I ran across Sonni’s show and found the dialogue between him and his guests very inviting and informative.

I approached him with some alternative ideas and he was quite open to having me as a guest and discussing my experience and conclusions.

It was a very casual atmosphere without any of the pressures of giving talks at conferences and more like an interesting conversation with a knowledgeable friend.

If you have the opportunity to watch or participate in one of the RedRisks shows, I would highly recommend that you do so.

Terry’s Show

06 Oct, 2020

Terry Mathis

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